Research & Evaluation

Social realities are complex. So how do you know what the effects of your project are? And what they mean to different groups? That’s where I come in.

Evaluation deals with change. Knowing what changed is important, as it speaks to accountability. Understanding how and why things change, is essential if we want to really work with change. This means widening and deepening the focus to include context and probe for meaning and value. And it naturally means an inclusive approach, listening to all voices, especially those who battle inequality.

My expertise is with a qualitative approach: interviews and conversations, storytelling, focus groups, workshops, collaborative sense-making of outcomes. All of which are built on one main element: listening. Truly and honestly listening.

With MERL (monitoring, evaluation, reporting and learning) I aim to keep it as simple as possible, as elaborate structures are difficult to manage. Balancing accountability and learning. Making sure reports are a joy to read and invite deeper reflection.