I love bringing clarity as a copywriter, editor and researcher.

Writing and editing is about focus. Getting to the heart of the matter, making it real. And making sure it’s easy to read, for everyone. Less is often more.

Evaluation is about knowing what changes, but more importantly: understanding how and why things change. Together with stakeholders I analyse complex realities and generate insight into the meaning of results.

I also assist with organisational and programme development: writing (strategic) plans and proposals; facilitating theory of change (ToC) processes; drawing up monitoring, evaluation, reporting & learning (MERL) plans; developing change stories.

My work is in the Netherlands and takes me to South Africa. It’s largely in the developmental and social fields, but also around care and environmental issues. Navigating two cultures means translating a lot. The language part, between English and Dutch, I can do for you too.

Interested? Drop me a line or call +31 (0)6 84863009. I’m always in for new connections.